Maximum hygiene for our food
Quality Assurance

From the receipt of ingredients to the finished dishes in the canteen, we adhere to legal standards such as HACCP for product safety and hygiene throughout our catering facilities. We go a few steps further than required by law and are certified by the German Institute for Community Catering and follow these standards developed for us.

A worthwhile effort, so that you can safely enjoy our food and beverages every day.

Safe, reliable sourcing: fresh, regional, trusted.

All ingredients are purchased in predetermined quality from selected, certified suppliers. In addition, the Cologne Studierendenwerk purchases regional products. Freshness is the be-all and end-all for us; especially for fruit and vegetables. The quality requirements are checked at regular intervals as part of supplier evaluations. Company visits are carried out for new suppliers.


Self-monitoring system (HACCP)

We implement the legal standard HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) in our canteens and bistros. This enables us to identify and eliminate sources of danger at every stage, from receipt of ingredients to finished dishes at the food counter. Defined guidelines and predetermined values provide the framework for product safety.


Trained employees

In the canteens, bistros and coffee bars of the Werk, specialists such as ecotrophologists, master butchers, chefs and cooks look after your well-being. They are supported by numerous trained kitchen staff. In addition, all employees in university catering are regularly and extensively trained by our own staff of trainers.

Your safety guarantee

Samples of all food are taken in all catering establishments at the Werk and retained frozen for seven days. If guest complaints about a meal are received, the samples can be tested for harmful bacteria.

Compliance with defined guidelines and values is traceable at all times, and we document cleaning plans, incoming product inspections, temperature records and employee training certificates. An external hygiene audit is carried out every six months to check that all catering establishments in the plant meet our own strict hygiene requirements.

Food at the Werk: equally delicious anywhere you go

Through standardised recipes, centralised purchasing and a top-down management model, we ensure that our food tastes and looks the same everywhere and that you get the same for your money.


Knowing what's in it

Through uniform labelling of allergens and additives we offer safe food for allergy sufferers. You can find the list here:

Allergens and additives | Download (PDF)


Constant improvement

Our catering is updated daily so that your visit to the dining hall does not become boring. In addition to improving on classics, trend scouting is also on the agenda. With cross-company employee specialist groups, we encourage an exchange of knowledge in order to constantly develop new dishes and menus as well as high-quality special offers for you.